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The Prakash laboratory primarily studies proteins and enzymes involved in DNA repair. DNA repair mechanisms such as Base Excision Repair and Mismatch Repair are essential for genome maintenance. The Prakash lab uses structural techniques such as x-ray crystallography and small-angle x-ray scattering to examine the protein-protein and protein-DNA interactions that govern these DNA repair processes.  The lab also uses molecular tools to understand the metabolic phenotypes resulting from aberrant DNA repair in the mitochondria.


Faculty and Staff

Dr. Aishwarya Prakash
Assistant Professor, Oncologic Sciences

Dr. Nidhi Sharma
Post-Doctoral Research Fellow

Dr. Brandon D’Arcy
Post-Doctoral Research Fellow

Monica Sai Pasala
Undergraduate Honors



1. DNA Repair

  1. Effects of base excision repair proteins on cellular metabolism and cancer
  2. Structural properties of the complexes formed during the repair of mitochondrial DNA
  3. Determining the functional consequences of variants of uncertain significance in genes that lead to Lynch Syndrome


2. Collaborative Efforts

The Prakash lab is involved with several collaborative efforts at MCI and the University of South Alabama. These projects are centered on determining the crystal structures of proteins involved in DNA repair, cellular metabolism, cancer formation and protein modification.


Current Funding

National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) - 5R00ES024417-04.

Repair of Environmentally and Endogenously Induced Mitochondrial-DNA Damage


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