Important News: USA Family Medicine Center recently moved into the Strada Patient Care Center near USA Children's & Women's Hospital. Click here to learn more.


Radiology at the Strada Patient Care Center 

Information: (251) 665-8241

Hours of operation: 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

New location:
Strada Patient Care Center, Suite 3G
1601 Center Street
Mobile, AL 36604


strada-radiology.jpgWelcome to the Radiology Department at the new Strada Patient Care Center. We are in Suite 3G on the third floor and share a waiting room with the Laboratory. We offer accurate exams with minimal wait times, and our location is especially convenient for patients of the USA Physicians Group clinics.

We provide superior quality diagnostic imaging, utilizing state of the art digital x-ray equipment. We also offer digital stitching capabilities for exams, visualizing leg lengths from hip to ankle and entire spines, all in one image. With faster exposure times, we are able to promote a lower dose of radition to the patient. 

No appointments are necessary, and we can provide services even if your referring physician is not from USA. Please give us a call at (251) 665-8241 if you need your records stored on a CD or if you have any questions or concerns. We look forward to assisting you.


Samsung Digital X-Ray Equipment

Our department recently began using Samsung Digital X-ray equipment, increasing diagnostic accuracy with innovative Smart Detectors, Smart Vue, and Smart Stitching features. The stitching feature allows for scoliosis imaging and leg length all in one image. An integrated wireless system features remote control and a wireless foot peddle that provides instant data transfer and minimizes movement. The convenient system allows table positioning from anywhere in the room. 

Joey Baggett, supervisor of radiology and teleradiology at the Strada Patient Care Center, describes the new equipment as a step forward for patient care at USA Health. "With Samsung Digital X-ray equipment, we are able to maintain high quality images in various conditions for enhanced flexibility. The improved sharpness and clarity produced by the equipment also supports highly accurate diagnoses."

Additional benefits of our equipment include clarified regions of interest for procedures such as spine exams. The Samsung machines provide a clear view of thick and thin bones, tissues, contours, orthopaedic implants and bone overlaps, which display sharply and without artifacts.


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