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Flow Cytometry and Imaging

2016-02-26 MCI Steve McClellan resized.jpgCore lab manager: Steve McClellan, B.S., M.T. (ASCP)


• Sorting and analysis of cells
• Stem cell isolation from fresh tumor specimens
• Cancer stem cell maintenance and analysis
• Sorting based on transcriptional expression
• Adherent Cells assays (including automated Comet assays)


Flow Cytometry Three laser .jpg

Three laser, 8-color BD Canto II


Flow cytometry four laser.jpg

Four laser, 14-color BD Aria II Sorter with four-way collection and single-cell deposition for cloning/PCR


flow cytometry celigo imaging.jpg flow cytometry celigo imaging.gif

Celigo Imaging Cytometer Adherent Cell Analysis (brightfield, fluorescence)



Mass Spectrometry and Proteomics
2016-03-09 MCI Lewis Pannell.jpg

Core lab manager: Lewis Pannell, Ph.D.


• Experimental Design and Interpretation of Proteomics Data
• Identification and Characterization of Proteins, Peptides and Modifications



Mass Spectrometry ThermoFisher.jpg

ThermoFisher QExactive


mass spectrometry thermo ltq.jpg

Thermo LTQ Orbitrap


mass spectrometry waters ultima.jpg

Waters Ultima QTOF



Cellular and Biomolecular Imaging

2016-03-09 MCI Joel Andrews resized.jpg

Core lab manager: Joel Andrews, Ph.D.


• Sub-diffraction Limit Super-Resolution Imaging (Structured Illumination or Stochastic Optical Reconstruction)
• Spectral, Widefield, and Confocal Imaging
• FRAP, FRET, BIFC (bi-molecular fluorescent complementation)
• Micro-precision DNA Damage


cellular imaging nstorm.jpg



Cellular imaging Nsim.jpg




2016-02-26 MCI Adam Keaton resized.jpgHigh Throughput Screening

Core lab manager: Adam Keeton, Ph.D.


• Integrated HTS and Image-Based High-Content Screening
• Automated Liquid Handling
• Compound Library Screening


high throughput imagexpress.jpg

Molecular Devices ImageXpress (Ultra and Micro)


high throughput paradigm multilabel.jpg

Molecular Devices Paradigm Multi-Label Plate Reader


high throughput beckman.jpg

Beckman Coulter FXp Liquid Handler





• BioFortis Labmatrix LIMS system for specimen and data management
• Web accessible software system for information management and integration of patient, clinical, specimen, genetic and molecular assay data


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