September 11, 2008
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USA President Gordon Moulton and Wife, Geri, Make $3 Million Gift to USA Mitchell Cancer Institute
“Geri and Gordon Moulton Research Fund” Established

USA President Gordon Moulton, center, and his wife, Geri, right, have donated $3 million toward research and the cure of cancer at the USA Mitchell Cancer Institute. Their gift will establish the “Geri and Gordon Moulton Research Fund.” USA Board of Trustees Chairman Dr. Steven stokes, left, reads from a resolution that the trustees unanimously approved to name the main research floor of the institute the “Geri and Gordon oulton Center for Cancer Research.”

In honor of their generosity, USA’s trustees have named the main research floor of the institute the “Geri and Gordon Moulton Center for Cancer Research.”

“I have had the good fortune of being associated with the University of South Alabama for more than four decades,” President Moulton said. “It is gratifying to Geri and me to be a part of something as important to the people of the Mobile region as the USA Mitchell Cancer Institute. This initiative will touch countless lives now and in the future, and we are honored to be associated with such a humanitarian endeavor.”

Mrs. Moulton said, “I can think of no higher purpose of philanthropy than to help people live longer and healthier lives. It is a privilege to support an endeavor as worthy as the USA Mitchell Cancer Institute.”

USA’s Mitchell Cancer Institute is dedicated to helping Gulf Coast citizens lead longer, healthier lives through its efforts toward the prevention, diagnosis, and advanced treatment of cancer. This is made possible through the institute’s innovative medical research and partnerships with health care professionals in the region.

Since inception in 2000, the USA Mitchell Cancer Institute represents a total investment of more than $135 million, including $75 million in construction and equipment for a new state-of-the-art cancer research and treatment center that opened this month.

USA Board of Trustees Chairman Dr. Steven Stokes said of the gift, “Great universities require great presidents and great leaders. Gordon and Geri Moulton have acted like parents of the University family: They have pulled all the members of the USA family together on projects that benefit the institution and serve the entire community, such as this world-class USA Mitchell Cancer Institute.”

USA Board Vice Chairman and Campaign USA Chairman Jim Yance said, “Gordon and Geri Moulton have given tirelessly to the communities in this area and to the University.  This gift they are making to the USA Mitchell Cancer Institute is just further evidence of their dedication not only to their community but to this region and to the delivery of health care to the citizens of this entire country.”

USA Mitchell Cancer Institute Director and holder of the Abraham Mitchell Chair Dr. Michael Boyd said of the gift, “Gordon and Geri have taken this war on cancer very personally. Gordon, being himself a survivor of cancer, is passionately committed to cancer research. Their gift is an inspiration to me personally, and it will help enable us to advance research to leave an everlasting mark on the research battle against cancer.”

USA Vice President for Development and Alumni Relations Dr. Joseph F. Busta, Jr., said, “It's rare in the history of modern higher education that you have a president and spouse who have dedicated their adult lives to a single institution like Gordon and Geri Moulton. It's ever rarer for those that have to make such a large and meaningful gift to a core aspect of the academic enterprise like this for research leading to the cure of cancer.”

The Moulton gift is part of Campaign USA, the University’s first comprehensive fund-raising campaign that seeks to raise $75 million for USA programs, faculty, students and construction. Campaign USA was launched in March 2006 and, to date, has raised $72.8 million. Led by Yance, the Campaign USA Leadership team is comprised of local civic, business and national leaders, many of whom are alumni.

Campaign USA will enrich all aspects of USA, from its academic colleges and schools to its hospitals, athletic programs, libraries and campuses. The money raised will be used to fund such items as undergraduate and graduate scholarships, professorships, classroom and laboratory equipment, and health care innovations. Funds will also be used for capital enhancements to USA’s athletic facilities and a campus bell tower.

For information on Campaign USA, visit or call (251) 460-7032.

The University of South Alabama
Since its founding in 1963, the University of South Alabama has been one of Alabama’s fastest growing universities, currently enrolling more than 14,000 students in a wide range of academic programs in Allied Health Professions, Arts and Sciences, Mitchell College of Business, Computer and Information Sciences, Continuing Education and Special Programs, Education, Engineering, Medicine, Nursing and Pharmacy. The University has awarded 62,000 degrees.

In addition to teaching and research, USA is one of the largest health care providers in the Mobile region, with its faculty physicians and two hospitals – USA Children’s & Women’s and USA Medical Center – involved in more than a quarter million patient encounters annually.


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