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Class Contact Information:

M1 Freshman Class of 2017 email [PDF] 
M2 Sophomore Class of 2016 email [PDF]
M3 Junior Class  of 2015 email [PDF]
M4 Senior Class of 2014 email  [PDF]
Class Officers [PDF]


Information For All Classes:

2013-2014 Academic Calendar [PDF]

2014-2015 Academic Calendar
Careers in Medicine Timeline
Biomedical Library COM Resources
ClinicalKey Resource
USA College of Medicine Photo Sets 
Med School Watercooler Blog
Physicianship Concern Note [PDF]
Physicianship Praise Card [PDF]


Freshman Class: M1

Sophomore Class: M2

Calendar Calendar
Class Schedule Class Schedule
Careers in Medicine Careers in Medicine
Sakai LOG IN
White Coat Class 2017 White Coat Class 2016
 M1 & M2 Community Service Sites  M1 & M2 Community Service Sites


Junior Class: M3

Senior Class: M4

Clerkship Contact Information M3 Jr. Year Calendar for Entering Seniors Class 2014
New Innovations LOG IN
Sakai LOG IN OASIS Login
Tegrity LOG IN Senior Year Block Dates- Class 2014
White General Skills Card Link to Apply for Step 2 CK/CS
Mastin Call Rooms Senior Manual Class of 2014
Careers in Medicine Required Rotation Information
Career Assistance Meetings & Disciplines ADD/DROP Form Schedule Change
USA Staff Text Pager by Name Audition Elective-Externship Approval Form
SEND Text Page - USA Mobility M4 Senior Evaluation/Grade Form
Faculty Advisor Form Faculty Information Search Link
Mastin Building Tour MSPE Interview Form
NRMP 2013 Main MATCH Data & Results VSAS Link Apply for Audition Electives
 Medical Abbreviations AAMC Online Institution Search
Rising Senior Class 2015 Links: Request for LOR FORM
Departmental Meetings for Class of 2015 my ERAS LOG IN
BOOK: The Successful Match FREIDA Progam Search
Calendar for Entering Seniors Class 2015 NRMP INFO & LOG IN
Senior Year Block Dates-Class 2015 USA Graduation Information
Senior Manual - Class 2015 Visiting Students
OASIS Login Rent a Room - Need A Room
Faculty Advisor Form   
Audition Electives: VSAS Institutions 2014-15


Susan P. LeDoux, Ph.D.
Associate Dean, Medical Education & Student Affairs



For more information, please contact Ms. Karen Braswell, at 251-471-7145.


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