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Facebook.jpgThe USA Radiology Interest Group is a student-lead organization aimed at promoting interest in radiology as a career. The interest group is open to all USA COM students who are interested in radiology and who want to learn about the variety of career options in the specialty.  Our members are able to gain exposure to careers in radiology by shadowing local radiologists in academic and community-based medical facilities. 


Calender of Events

August 27, 2018Postcard Hippocrates by Dr Samuel McQuiston.jpg

Dr. Jani Brackett will meet with all college of medicine students, providing an talk on the basics of interpreting a chest radiograph.  His presentation will be followed by discussion focused on careers in the field of radiology.

October 15, 2018

In preparation for interviews, the chief residents from the USA Radiology Residency Program meet with M4 students who are participating in the NRMP Match for radiology.

January 21, 2019

After the beginning of the year, Dr. McQuiston meets with all college of medicine students, providing an entertaining talk on foreign bodies titled, "You Put What? Where?" This is followed with discussion focused on careers in the field of radiology..

March 25, 2019

USA COM students who have recently matched into radiology residencies and first-year radiology residents compose a panel to answer questions about the process of applying for residencies, the interview season, etc.

RIG Officers

RIG Student Contact: James Burke []

Resident Advisor: Jani Brackett, MD [] 

Faculty Advisor:Samuel McQuiston, MD []


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