Research Programs


Chemoprevention and Experimental Therapeutics

2016-03-09 MCI Gary Piazza resized.jpgChief: Gary Piazza, Ph.D.


  • Dedicated medicinal chemistry effort focused on the synthesis of novel compounds with potential for highly selective anti-cancer activity to treat or prevent cancer.
  • Cellular and biochemical research aimed at target validation and defining critical cellular pathways for selective killing of cancer cells.
  • Pre-clinical pharmacology studies to evaluate safety and efficacy of experimental anti-cancer drugs.
  • Focus on colon, breast, ovarian, pancreatic and lung cancer
  • Novel Ras inhibitor class as a prospective clinical candidate for the treatment of Ras-driven cancers



Molecular and Metabolic Oncology

2016-03-09 MCI Robert Sobol resized.jpgChief: Robert W. Sobol, Ph.D.

Focus: Cellular mechanisms of DNA repair, DNA damage response and DNA metabolism and how these processes impact cancer development and the response to cancer treatments. 


  • DNA repair
  • DNA damage response
  • DNA damage/repair – impact on cellular metabolism
  • Chemo/radiation response ó DNA repair capacity
  • Oxidative damage / oxidative stress
  • Structural biology of DNA repair complexes
  • Chemical biology of ADP-ribose biosynthesis enzymes
  • Regulation of DNA repair by ubiquitylation



Cancer Biology

Chief: Position available

Scientific themes:

  • Cancer Cell Metabolism and Energetics
  • Cancer Stem Cells
  • Cancer Biomarkers in Detection and Progression
  • Molecular Mechanisms Involved in Cancer Progression

Overarching Theme: Molecular Mechanisms Underlying Cancer Health Disparities



Cancer Control and Prevention

2016-02-26 MCI Margaret Sullivan resized.jpgDirector: Margaret Sullivan, MS

Mission: To reduce the risk, incidence and mortality from cancer and enhance the quality of life of cancer survivors


  • Prevention and Early Detection  (Colorectal, Skin, Breast, Cervical, Lung)
  • Value-Based Oncology Care and Health Services Delivery Research
  • Survivorship


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