Regional Health Disparities Symposium

On June 26, 2015, the Center for Healthy Communities Center of Excellence on Minority Health and Health Disparities hosted the 2015 Regional Health Disparities Symposium discussing ways to eliminate health disparities in the local community. Event participants included Community Health Advocates (CHAs); high school students participating in the Stars and Stripes Program; agency representatives; USA researchers and faculty; and USA Center for Healthy Community team members.

The one day event – planned in consultation with CHAs -- consisted of a series of four sessions seeking to identify stakeholders and create action teams to implement solutions around the following questions:
• Family Health – What is the relationship between family violence and health outcomes?
• Health Literacy – How do you understand what your doctor is saying?
• Mental Health – Why do we suffer in silence?
• Nutrition – Why is there an intake shortage of fruits and vegetables?
A summary of Preliminary action plans developed during the Symposium have led to Community Health Advocate – led programs implemented in 2015 and 2016. See a summary of the brainstorming sessions from the 2015 Regional Health Disparities Symposium. 

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