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Quality Improvement and Patient Safety Committee (QPSC)

Welcome to the Quality Improvement & Patient Safety Committe (QPSC) Web page!

QPSC Chair: Dr. G. Mustapha Awan, MD

QPSC Fellow Representative: Dr. Abimbola Shofu, MD

Background: Quality-Patient Safety Committee (QPSC) was established to help promote quality improvement endeavors, especially those aiming at advancing patient safety, within the Division of Cardiology. The committee is tasked with reviewing patient outcomes available from national databases and current quality improvement projects, and making recommendations towards continuous quality monitoring and improvement. QPSC will also encourage all providers including cardiology faculty and fellows, in addition to house staff, to help start-up quality projects and engage in divisional, departmental and/or hospital wide quality improvement efforts. Help will be provided to present such projects at the divisional M&M conference, at national meetings and at the USA Resident and Fellow Exposition Day.


  1. Promote adoption of a safe patient environment.
  2. Encourage reporting of any patient safety or quality concerns.
  3. Monitor and provide feedback on patient hand-outs.
  4. Monitor trainee and faculty sleep deprivation and burn-out.
  5. Provide adequate coverage to providers when fatigue may interfere with safe patient care.
  6. Extract data from ongoing quality improvement and patient safety projects for presentation at local, regional and national conferences.


  1. Onsite cardiology fellows at USAMC are required to attend QPSC meetings.
  2. Trainees, including residents and students, actively involved in quality improvement projects with the division of cardiology, are encouraged to attend the QPSC meetings.
  3. Meeting are open to all faculty and staff who desire to attend.

Meetings Schedule:

  1. QPSC will meet quarterly in the Heart Center Conference Room in the basement.
  2. Extra meetings may be scheduled to coincide with local or national conferences for trainee preparation.


Trainees will learn the following skills:

  1. Quality of care and patient safety terminololgy (e.g. near miss, sentinel event..).
  2. Perform cause root analysis.
  3. Report a safety or quality of care issue anonymously.
  4. Analyze their own performance and quality data.
  5. Implement a PDSA project (Plan, Do, Study, Act), analyze data and recommend improvements.
  6. Submit abstracts to local and national meetings.
  7. Write manuscript and submit to peer-reviewed journals.

Future Goals:

  1. Improve the quality and patient safety in the Division of Cardiology and Department of Medicine as a whole.
  2. Mentor faculty and trainees, including fellows, residents and students in quality and patient safety projects.
  3. Serve as a forum for discussion, improvement and expansion of quality care and patient safety.

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