Pulmonary Travel Forms

Annual Leave Forms


For all vacation, maternity, and/or medical leave please use the following form below. 

Annual Leave [Print Me]


To approve travel for all conferences, please use the following form below.

Request to Be Absent [Print Me]
Request to Be Absent Sample [PDF]

South Alabama Medical Science Foundation

Out of State Travel Forms

For all conference travel, please use the following forms below. For additional questions about travel, especially international travel, please contact the coordinator at (251) 471-7847 or visit the Travel Services website here.

Travel Checklist for Reimbursement [Print Me]
Out of State Travel Regulations [PDF]
Out of State Travel Sample One Form [PDF]
Out of State Travel Sample Two Form [PDF]
Out of State Travel Blank Form [PDF]

For rotations requiring travel, please use this form. 

Rotation Travel Sample [PDF]
Rotation Travel Blank Form [PDF]

Other Reimbursement Forms

For membership fees, book allowance, or other reimbursements please use this form. 

Direct Pay Sample [PDF]
Direct Pay Blank Form [PDF]

International Travel

General Information

For reimbursement purposes, International (Foreign) Travel follows regular University out-of-state travel regulations. However, due to the risk management requirements of the nature of international/foreign travel, certain additional approval processes are required to insure compliance with all federal regulations and restrictions regarding international/foreign travel.

Travel Outside the United States and all U.S. Insular Areas (Excluding travel to Alaska and Hawaii)

As more fully discussed in the "International/Foreign Travel" section of these regulations, prior to making arrangements, all University-related international/foreign travel must be approved by the appropriate department head, dean/administrator, Vice-President/Senior Vice President and President. Travel to Alaska and Hawaii do not require Presidential approval.

For more information on International Travel, please refer to International Travel for Faculty and Staff

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