Presurgical Checklist


Preparing for your child's surgery: 1 month before surgery

Have I received authorization from my insurance company for the operation, if required by my insurance contract?

Have I discussed my child’s medical history with the surgeon?

  • The reason for the surgery
  • Medications my child is taking
  • Allergies to medicine, food, or latex
  • Reactions to anesthesia or to a blood transfusion
  • History of nausea after anesthesia or medication
  • Immunization record
  • Previous illnesses or operations
  • Previous hospital stays (admissions), tests, or treatments
  • Anything that might put my child at risk during the hospital visit

Have I asked my surgeon about any special equipment I may need at home after surgery?

Have I arranged for someone to care for my other children while I am at the hospital?


The Day Before Surgery

Does my child have a cold, a fever, a rash, or fever blister? If so, please call the surgeon immediately. The operation may be postponed.

Have I talked with my child about the operation?

Have I reviewed the information about anesthesia and the instructions about eating and drinking?

Has my child taken a thorough bath or shower and removed all make-up, nail polish, piercings, and other jewelry?

For post-surgical care at home: do I have plenty of clear liquids, such as water, sugar water, Gatorade, Jell-O, apple juice, pulp-free juices, breast milk, Pedialyte, popsicles?

Do I have a supply of acetaminophen at home?

Have I planned quiet games and activities for my child for after the operation?

Have I made arrangements for transportation to and from the hospital? Do I have directions?

Have I made arrangements to be with my child or have another adult present while my child recuperates at home?

Have I arranged for someone to care for my other children while I am at the hospital?

If I need to cancel my child’s surgery, have I contacted the surgical clinic?

Do I have all of our insurance information ready to bring with me to the hospital?

I was called by Children’s & Women’s Hospital and was unavailable, did I return the call?


What to bring on the day of surgery

Please make sure you bring the following information to check in and register:

Picture identification card (for parents and patients over 18)

Insurance card for the patient

Proof of guardianship (foster parent papers, court orders) if you are not the parents of the patient

Your child’s Social Security number

Any outside x-ray or other imaging films and/or lab results


Items to bring for the comfort of you and your child

Comfortable clothing and a change of clothes

Your child’s medications; parent/caregiver medications

Containers for glasses, contact lenses, or any assistive devices such as hearing aids

Your child’s favorite toy, blanket, or comfort item

Special bottle, nipple, pacifier, or sipper cup

Something to occupy your time while you’re waiting, such as magazines, knitting, or your laptop computer. A free wireless network is available to our guests.


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