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Nuchal Translucency

The USA Center for Women's Health is the first in Alabama certified to provide this leading-edge early detection screening. It is approximately 80% accurate in detecting Down syndrome and other chromosomal defects. Combined with a simple blood test, doctors can detect more than 90% of patients at risk for Down syndrome and 97% of those at risk for Trisomy-18.

The test is non-invasive, using ultrasound technology to make precise measurements of the anatomy of the developing fetus. As a result, the risks associated with traditional invasive tests - amniocentesis and chorionic villi are avoided. Miscarriages occur in 1 in every 200 amniocentesis; 1 in every 100 chorionic villi samples.

The test is conducted between 10 and 13 weeks gestation, providing doctors and patients early data on risk factors for the developing baby. In Europe, this test is accepted as the standard of care. A large scientific study is underway in the United States and will finish in February 2004. Indications are that data is supportive and should lead to wider use in the United States.

4-D Ultrasound

An advanced imaging technology that provides the clearest pictures available with constant moving images, giving doctors and their patients an unparallel view of the unborn child as it kicks and moves inside the womb. For more information...

Fetal Fibronectin

A test similar to a Pap smear looks for the presence of this protein and determines whether a woman is experiencing premature labor. Testing is completed onsite at USA Children's and Women's Hospital - providing lab results within two hours and appropriate medical intervention if indicated.



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