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The College of Medicine has developed policies related to the appointment process, compensation and benefits, and mentoring for Postdoctoral Fellows. In addition, we have collated here useful materials and resources. Postdoctoral Fellows are encouraged to take advantage of the career development opportunities available within the College.

Policies and Guidelines

Policies related to Postdoctoral Fellows (updated 2012)
Responsible Conduct of Research

Forms for Departments/Faculty

Postdoctoral Fellow Offer Letter Template DOC file
Postdoctoral Fellow Appointment Form PDF file (editable)
SEVIS and I-901 Forms for International Fellows
Jagmail Account Request
Health Sciences Business Office
Authorization for Direct Deposit

Career Development

Courses and workshops - note offerings change through the academic year

University Resources

Regulatory Compliance for Research - links to policies, training requirements and more
University Research Policies - policies related to conflict of interest, intellectual property and more
University International Services
Guide to International/Exchange Visitors Orientation - useful information about living in Mobile

Other Resources

NIH policy statement on Ruth Kirschstein fellowship stipends, including taxibility of fellowship stipends
Internal Revenue Service policy on taxability of fellowship stipends
National Postdoctoral Association
FASEB Online Career Center - jobs, career development resources
Science Careers - from the journal Science - jobs, career development resources
NIH Research Training and Career Development - grants for career development
NIH Resources for New and Early Stage Investigator - New Investigator Policies, Pathways to Independence Awards, NIH Director's New Innovator Award, and more


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