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July 9, 2014

Finishing Touches at USA Children's & Women's Hospital

The University of South Alabama Children's & Women's Hospital expansion nears completion with the new lobby and courtyard. The art-filled courtyard will offer a relaxing place for patients and families to meet in fresh air, and the lobby will house a new gift shop and information desk.

More photos of the expansion are shown here.


The Department of Pediatrics at the University of South Alabama offers a three-year residency program in an environment that is both stimulating and friendly. Our residency program is designed to prepare the pediatrician-in-training to practice effective primary care pediatrics in the community as well as providing flexibility, allowing those interested in subspecialty training, academic pediatrics and research the necessary background to pursue their professional goals.

USA Children's and Women's Hospital is a free-standing facility dedicated to providing quality care to the children and women of the Gulf Coast area.

The Mobile, Alabama area has affordable housing, superb seafood, a wide variety of entertainment options and a temperate climate that makes outdoor activities possible year-round. Please explore our site to learn more about us!

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Pediatric Residency Program

USA Children's and Women's Hospital
1700 Center St.
Mobile, AL 36604-0130
Phone: (251) 415-1087
 The expansion to USA Children's & Women's Hospital is nearing completion and will nearly double the square footage of the hospital, providing increased space for family-centered pediatric inpatient care, teaching and conferences, and updated surgical and food services.   

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