University of South Alabama

Pediatric Hospitalists at USA Children's & Women's Hospital


From left: Dr. Brandy Merritt, Dr. Melody Petty, Dr. Sophia Goslings, Dr. Grace Hundley, and Dr. Maria Renee Roca Garcia.

USA Children's & Women's Hospital has established a comprehensive hospitalist program to facilitate referrals from physicians in our region. Our hospitalists are a pediatric-faculty team available to accept your referrals, assist you in coordinating hospital admissions and follow your patients during hospitalization.

We offer a convenient and efficient referral process through our Pediatric Hospitalist Referral Line at (251) 300-9767.

Please note this line is meant only for physician referrals. Patients can call the front desk of USA Children's & Women's Hospital at (251) 415-1000, or they can call our Patient Navigator at (251) 434-3711 to set up an appointment with any USA Physicians Group provider.


Learn more about the members of our hospitalist team


Sophia M.
Goslings, M.D.



O. Grace
Hundley, M.D.




Brandy Elizabeth
Merritt, M.D.



Melody L.
Petty, M.D.



Maria Renee
Roca Garcia, M.D.


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