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USA Health System Patient Stories

"Within the last 10 years I had continually gained weight, and I became very unhappy. I had a problem that I couldn't fix by myself. Dr. Richards and his staff at USA know everything there is to know about gastric surgery. They took away all the unknowns.

Before I had gastric surgery I was able to dive, but it took so much weight to get me down. It was cumbersome and exhausting to get in the water so I quit doing it. Now I feel like I'm on top of the world. Dr. Richards and his staff changed my life."

Lance Lemcool
Daphne, AL

Lance Lemcool - "I'm Diving Again!" from USA Health System on Vimeo.



"Last year, Maxwell had surgery for a birth defect called craniosynostosis. A newborn's skull is made up of bones that are not yet fused together. One of Maxwell's sutures fused too soon, giving him a very prominent forehead. The surgery allowed the suture to open back up, so his brain has room to grow.

I will always appreciate our neurosurgeon Dr. William Scott, his office and his nurses. We are very grateful for the care we received at USA Children's & Women's Hospital. From start to finish, they did an awesome job.

To this day, Maxwell doesn't look like he had anything done. He is 15 months old and is doing perfect. He is happy, healthy, and well on his way to being as mischievous as he could possibly be."

The Normand Family
Fairhope, AL

The Normand Family - "Our Little Boy is Happy and Healthy!" from USA Health System on Vimeo.



"I have been in the choir since I was a little girl. It has always been a passion of mine to sing. When you start singing, you get happy.

In 2000, my baby was diagnosed with lupus, and I found out that I could get lupus later on in life. Eventually, my blood pressure became uncontrollable, and my blood count was low. My rheumatologist admitted me into USA Medical Center, and I was put on dialysis.

Before I started dialysis, I didn't have the breath to hold a note. Now, I am able to sing and go through life without getting tired. Because of my at-home dialysis, I am also able to work full time.

I am very thankful for Dr. Sabrina Bessette, my dialysis doctor. She makes me feel like part of the family."

Konda Carroll
Mobile, AL

Konda Carroll - "I'm Singing Again!" from USA Health System on Vimeo.



"While cruising on River Road in Vancleave, Mississippi, I lost control of my motorcycle. After being thrown from my bike, I suffered from significant head trauma, a lacerated liver, kidney and spleen damage, and my right shoulder was completely crushed. When the ambulance arrived I wanted to be taken to USA Medical Center, and my friends who were with me made sure that happened.

I'm convinced the decision to bring me here saved my life and helped me recover from the injuries I had. The real success was my capability to come back to work. I honestly did not think that I would be able to come back, due to the extensive nature of my injuries. You change when an accident like this happens to you, and I began to appreciate what I do at work as well as at home even more."

Bill Bush
Mobile, Alabama

Bill Bush - "I'm Back to Work!" from USA Health System on Vimeo.



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