Hope…in their words.

There are many ways to say “hope.” None more pertinent or more real than the own words of our patients. They are the ones who have experienced firsthand struggle of dealing with cancer—and MCI’s commitment to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with them in the fight. 

"I Celebrate Hope..."         

“As I celebrate my 52nd birthday this year, I CELEBRATE HOPE, like on no other birthday before. I am grateful like never before…grateful for my life! In April, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Suddenly, my very full life—as a wife and a mother of four with a growing real estate business—became a most frightening and overwhelming time.
The Mitchell Cancer Institute was there for me 100% throughout this process. From the most attentive and personable greeter one can imagine, to my very thorough team of technicians all under the direction of the chief of radiation oncology, I simply can’t imagine having a more peaceful and HOPE-filled experience. Thank God and a resounding thanks to Mitchell Cancer Institute for making it happen!”
—Anna Luce

"MCI is definitely a Place of Hope..."                                

“Being diagnosed with cancer was by far the hardest day of my life. Having the feeling of complete helplessness and not knowing where to go added to that fear. Through all the prayers that were said on my behalf, trusting my doctors, being uplifted by the staff at the Mitchell Cancer Institute, they gave me the strength to carry out my treatments to the fullest and keep a positive attitude that I would beat this disease.
I am happy today to say I am Cancer Free. A great big Thank You to my wonderful doctors and Mitchell Cancer Institute. If you are diagnosed with cancer, MCI is definitely a Place of Hope.”
—Michael Ross

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