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Helping others in their journey to new hope.

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MCI's Navigation Services team: (Back row) Damali Jackson, Kaylee House, Stephanie Moore-Alston and Rachel Hartwig. (Front row) Cathy Tinnea, Sissy Louise Moore and Michelle Young.

At MCI, we strive to make our outstanding services as patient-friendly and accessible as possible. To assist patients, MCI offers patient navigation services to help them through their journey to recovery. The goal of patient navigation is to empower the patient, to provide resources and access to supportive care services, and to help patients move through the complexities of the medical system. A navigator serves as a single point of contact for physicians, patients and caregivers. At MCI, our mission is to ensure timely patient access to appropriate cancer care offering education, support and guidance to help patients and families cope with the challenges of cancer.

Smoother transitions across all phases of care translate into fewer delays in treatment, improved communication between caregivers, and less confusion for the patient and family. The program is led by nurse navigator Cathy Tinnea. Our navigators are trained to provide assistance with psycho-social support and refer to appropriate resources as needed.

Community resources include assistance with financial concerns, transportation, translation services, support groups, coping elements, chaplain, home care services, lymphedema therapy, access to American Cancer Society programming, and Hospice Care.

Read how Patient Navigation helped one cancer survivor. 

To speak to a Patient Navigator about your cancer care, call (251) 445-9802.


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