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USA Interventional Pain Clinic

Dr. Brad Steffler, right, an interventional radiologist at the University of South Alabama College of Medicine, says low back pain is the most common complaint he hears from patients.

With this in mind, USA Physicians Group has established the USA Interventional Pain Clinic in the newly renovated Mastin Professional Building.

In the office, patient care is provided by Dr. Steffler, who has expertise in performing minimally invasive procedures using image guidance. Dr. Steffler said the technology he uses is rapidly advancing and he sees this approach as a highly effective tool in helping patients with pain, including back pain.

There are several options for treating low back pain, such as therapy, injections or in some cases surgery. Low back pain is a common condition, and injections are a less invasive option that USA provides. The clinic is able to provide quick relief, and patients find this to be a great option, especially for someone who doesn't want to go through surgery and recovery. Patients usually can go back to work the next day.

"For back pain, we typically schedule a series of visits in a four to five week period," said Dr. Steffler, who is an associate professor of radiology at USA. "Usually, after the first visit, patients experience a large reduction in pain."

Please note that this clinic does not administer prescribed drugs.

If you'd like to schedule a visit at the USA Pain Clinic, talk with your primary care provider about a referral. The USA Pain Clinic can be reached at (251) 471-7157.


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