Overseas Clinical Experiences

Overseas Clinical Opportunities
The CMMSA mission team displays the USA logo upon their arrival in Peru.  The team of fifty included twenty-nine first year medical students.

Each year, the Christian Medical Ministry of South Alabama (CMMSA) provides University of South Alabama medical students, residents and physicians with medical mission trip opportunities. For students, their participation enables them to hone their medical skills through hands-on experiences while providing medical services to underserved overseas communities.Peru 2015 RIZK web.jpg

In June 2015 a team of fifty USA medical students and alumni traveled to Arequipa, Peru. Over a period of nine days, the team managed clinics in three different locations and saw more than 700 patients. Medical students were able to gain valuable experiences in a clinical setting; intereact with physicians, nurses, and other medical personnel; and provide much needed physical exams, prescription services and health education to people in a medically underserved area. William Crittenden (Class of 2018) saw the experience as an opportunity to not only gain applicable experience in a clinical setting, but to foster his Spanish speaking abilities. Jordan Nickols (Class of 2018) was struck by the appreciation and the trust their patients placed in the team.

Dr. Jon Simmons, a USA general surgeon and long time veteran of the CMMSA medical mission trips, believes they provide students with positive experiences and interactions which are "perfect examples of the power and influence of a compassionate physician, which is exactly the type of physician that we are trying to produce at USA."

Plans are already being made for mission trips in 2016.

Pictured right:  David Rizk (Class of 2018) during one of the many clinics held during a medical mission trip to Arequipa, Peru in June, 2015.

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