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drmyles-2016-sm.jpgMeet Dr. Hattie M. Myles, Assistant Dean Office of Educational Enrichment

Dr. Hattie M. Myles is the Assistant Dean for Education Enrichment at the University of  South Alabama, and has an extensive curriculum vita in education. She has been a lead entity in enhancing diversity at USA since 1992, and has been   Director for the Pipeline Program at the Center for Healthy Communities’, Center of Excellence as well as Principal Investigator for the Summer Research Apprenticeship Program grant and the Health Careers Opportunity Program grant.  Her responsibilities include provision of health care career information and opportunities for students, counseling and advising, and academic success.

Dr. Myles’ serves as a resource for student outreach, recruitment, and retention, and her office is a cornerstone for student academic success in the College of Medicine. In conjunction with faculty, Dr. Myles helps with early detection of students who experience  academic, financial, personal, or psychosocial challenges and provides them with direction, advisement and assistance, and other necessary interventions to address their needs.  She is ready and available to help students achieve their dreams of becoming a physician.

“The case for diversity and inclusion is that we are more the same than we are different, and it is our differences that make our human experience rich and empowered to make the differences that can benefit the entire human race.”


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