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Diversity, Inclusion and Cultural Awareness Lectures and Events




The USA COM’s 2016 Diversity and Inclusion Lecture Celebrated Minority Health Month featured guest lecturer Dr. Jamie Franco-Zamudio, associate professor of psychology at Spring Hill College. Dr. Franco-Zamudio presented "Bringing Elements to Issues of Diversity and Inclusion in Healthcare and Higher Education as Related to the LGBTQ Community and Other Areas of Diversity."




In 2015, the University of South Alabama College of Medicine’s Office of Diversity and Inclusion hosted three lectures featuring Dr. Lisa Moreno Walton, professor of clinical emergency medicine at Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center New Orleans.

The first lecture, titled "HIV/AIDS Courageous Conversation," was in collaboration with the Office of Multicultural Student Affairs. The second lecture, "Addressing Diversity in Clinical Care," was delivered during the Internal Medicine Grand Rounds; and the final presentation was offered during the Distinguished Scientist Series and was titled "University Hospital Healthcare: Partnering with the Community.” 

From left: Dr. Moreno Walton; Chante’ Hendrix, USA Diversity Coordinator, ODI; and Dr. Johnson Haynes Jr., Assistant Dean, ODI




USA COM ODI, in partnership with the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC), hosted the college’s inaugural Pre-Med Advisor’s Conference in 2014.

From left: Dr. Samuel Strada, former dean of the USA College of Medicine; Dr. Karen Mitchell, senior director of admissions testing services at AAMC; Dr. Geoffrey Young, senior director of student affairs and student programs at AAMC; Chante' Hendrix, diversity coordinator at USA; Dr. Johnson Haynes Jr., professor of internal medicine at USA; and Dr. Ronald Franks, former vice president for health sciences at USA.




AAMC’s Chief Diversity Officer lead a diversity and inclusion lecture during DSS in 2013.

Dr. Marc Nivet, chief diversity officer for the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) offered two diversity lectures. During Internal Medicine Grand Rounds, Nivet’s presntation was titled "Diversity and Inclusion in Academic Medicine."  His second lecture was part of the Distinguished Scientist Series (DSS) and was titled "A Means to Excellence in Academia."





The COM ODI’s inaugural Diversity, Inclusion and Cultural Awareness lecture kicked-off in 2012 with Dr. Joan Reede, dean for diversity and community partnership and director of the minority faculty development program at Harvard University. Dr. Reede offered a lecture titled "Diversity Inclusion: Building Capacity for Excellence." 

From left: Dr. Johnson Haynes Jr., Assistant Dean, ODI; Dr. Joan Reede, Dean for Diversity and Community Partnership, Harvard University; Dr. Samuel Strada, Former Dean, USA College of Medicine; and Dr. Benjamin Estrada, Assistant Dean, USA College of Medicine Undergraduate Medical Education.


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