ODCC Advisory Board


USA College of Medicine Diversity Task Force

Ronald Franks, M.D.

Vice President for Health Sciences

Samuel Strada, PhD

Dean, College of Medicine

Johnson Haynes, Jr., M.D.

Assistant Dean, Office of Diversity and Cultural Competence, College of Medicine; Professor of Medicine, Pulmonary Disease; and Director, USA Comprehensive Sickle Cell Center

Mrs. Chante' Hendrix, BA

Diversity Coordinator, Division of Health Sciences

Jonathan Scammell, PhD

Assistant Dean for Admissions; Professor of Comparative Medicine and Pharmacology

Mary Townsley, PhD

Senior Associate Dean; Professor, Department of Physiology and Medicine


ODCC Working Group Advisory Board

The Working Group Advisory Board assists the ODCC in assessing current policies, practices and the development of a comprehensive strategic diversity plan that lends itself to periodic, systematic evaluations.

Diane Abercrombie, PhD

Chair, Physician Assistant Studies Program and Associate Professor

Carole Boudreaux, M.D.

Department of Pathology Assistant Dean and Designated Institutional Officer, GME

Errol Crook,

Professor and Chair, Department of Internal Medicine

Dr. Benjamin Estrada, M.D.

Assistant Dean, Education Strategies and Faculty Development; Department of Pediatrics, Infectious Disease

Elizabeth Fuller, DNP, BS, MSN, RN

Assistant Professor of Nursing
Community/Mental Health Nursing Department

Kevin Green,

Department of Internal Medicine, Associate Professor

Ian Malcolm,

Department of Radiology, Associate Professor

Carol Motley, M.D.

Department of Family Medicine, Associate Professor

Sandra Parker, M.D.

Vice-Chair, Department of Psychiatry; Associate Professor of Psychiatry; Medical Director, Alta Pointe Health Systems

Dr. Mary Townsley, PhD

Senior Associate Dean; Professor, Department of Physiology and Medicine

Karthik Chivukula, Medical Student
Heather Fishel, Medical Student
Brandon Williams, Medical Student


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