Affiliated Hospitals

University Hospital

University Hospital provides a wide exposure to secondary and tertiary neurologic diseases. The USAMC stroke center has received the Gold Award from the American Heart Association for three years running. It features a comprehensive evaluation, including emergent CT angio and CT perfusion studies and a full interventional neurology program. The six bed epilepsy monitoring unit, provides 512 channel scalp and intracranial recordings and sophisticated 3-D source localization of seizure foci. The USAMC also has a Neurological Infusion Center, which supports our MS and neuroimmunological disorders and Phase I clinical trials.


USA Children's and Women's Hospital

USA Children and Women's Hospital is the major referral center for children in the Gulf Region. There is a 3 bed pediatric epilepsy monitoring unit, comprehensive ultrasonography for neonates and a full line of neuroimaging procedures.


Mobile Infirmary

Mobile Infirmary is the largest private hospital in Mobile. Residents are exposed to a wide variety of neurological disorders during their rotation, and gain experience on working in a private practice environment.


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