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It is very important to read about your patients' disorders to reinforce your knowledge. The following are excellent references:

  • Adams and Victors' Principles of Neurology (Ropper and Samuels, eds) is a standard in neurology; it is easy to read, and covers basic signs and symptoms of neurologic illness. In addition to the required readings above, you may find other chapters very useful. Access to the textbook is available online free of charge through the University of South Alabama Biomedical LIbrary website. If you are off-campus you will need your J-number to access this.
  • Clinical Neurology (Simon, et al) is a good brief synopsis of neurology 


Helpful links

  • Eye and pupillary movement simulator (courtesy of UC-Davis) Allows you to see what EOM abnormalities look like.
  • Brain vascular territories (courtesy Dr. Smithuis, Rijnland Hospital in Leiderdorp, Netherlands) Nice illustration on CT and MRI of brain of areas affected by occlusions of specific blood vessels. (However, emboli are NOT a common cause of lacunar stroke)
  • Draw it to know it (courtesy University of Indiana) This tutorial teaches you neural pathways by having you draw schematics. A companion book is available.
  • Introduction to EEG


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