Student Evaluation and Grading



Evaluation of students during the Neurology Clerkship is based on their demonstration of clinical skills and clinical knowledge needed to properly assess patients with neurologic disorders

The following table outlines the methods of evaluation and the relative weighting of each section towards the final grade. Students must pass each specific assessment to satisfy requirements for completion of the rotation:

Parameter of assessment

Method of assessment

Clinical performance Preceptor evaluations (20%)
Clinical skills exam (pass/fail)
Clinical knowledge NBME Neurology Shelf Test (40%)
Active Learning-TBL (20%)


Preceptor Evaluations

Each student will be given five Competency-Based Evaluations (one for each of the four weeks of rotation, which should be completed by the attending he/she has worked with during each subrotation and one group evaluation by the neurology residents. The student will be evaluated on history and examination skills, oral presentation, technical skills and application of knowledge.


Clinical Skills Examination

The Clinical Skills Examination (CSE) assesses the student's ability to perform a complete neurological history and examination. You will be provided the CSE assessment sheet used for scoring at the beginning of your clerkship, or it may also be downloaded here. Practice a full history and examination as often as possible, referring to the sheet as needed. Each student will be given a clinical skills exam by an attending or senior resident during their inpatient rotation. The score from CSE will not count towards your final grade.

There are 100 points on the CSE, and each item is worth one or two points. You will receive full points for each item performed and partial credit if the item was performed suboptimally. You will receive zero points for any item not performed.


NBME Shelf Exam

The NBME shelf exam is a national, standardized examination prepared for students taking neurology. The final grade for the shelf exam is calculated using a weighting system established by the USA School of Medicine.



Successful completion of the CSE, Major Disease Logs and Clinical Skills Cards are mandatory to complete clerkship requirements. All documents must be turned in by the final day of the clerkship. Failure to do so will result in an incomplete grade.

Unexcused absence, unprofessional or unethical behavior will result in incompletion or failure, irrespective of other assessments.


Final Grade

A cumulative score is calculated using the weighting for each item as outlined above for a total possible points of 100.

  • Honors = 94 points or more
  • Pass = 70 points or more, less than 94 points
  • Fail = less than 70 points

Final grades are submitted to E*Value shortly after the shelf exam results have been received by the Department of Neurology.


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