Food Diaries & MyFitnessPal

myfitnesspal_screenshot.pngLeading up to a procedure or following one, our patients may be asked to keep detailed notes about their diets. Some patients prefer using paper food diaries, but many choose to keep track of their diets on their smartphones using MyFitnessPal.

We recommend this free, useful tool during our preoperative classes to encourage patients to start a food diary. We encourage patients to keep track of their fluid intake, protein intake and sugar intake.

The MyFitnessPal service is quick and easy to use, and patients can customize the nutrients to be tracked.

The service is available via the web and mobile apps, and information automatically syncs across your devices. Patients can print out their food diaries before their appointments, or they can just bring their phone to share at our clinic. Get started by following any of the links below:

MyFitnessPal Website
Android app
iPad App
iPhone app


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