MOM Care: Mobile's Medicaid Maternity Program

If you are covered by Medicaid or want to apply for Medicaid and you are currently pregnant you must enroll into The MOM Care Program.


MOM Care is a network of physicians, clinics, and hospitals in Mobile County dedicated to ensuring that all expectant mothers and their babies have access to quality care. The goal of MOM Care is delivering healthy babies for Mobile County.


You must sign up with MOM Care in order for Medicaid to pay for your prenatal care and delivery.


It's easy, you simply contact a MOM care Program Care Coordinator to schedule an appointment to sign up. You can call the MOM Care office at (251) 415-8585.


There are many MOM Care enrollment sites located throughout Mobile county. You can enroll at the MOM Care office located at 1714 Center Street, or you can call the office at (251) 415-8585 to find an enrollment site nearest to you.


As soon as you find out that you are pregnant. Early prenatal care can help your baby be born healthy.

MOM Care offers many services to pregnant women and their babies:

  • Prenatal Care and Education
  • Care Coordination
  • High-risk Prenatal Care by Specialists
  • Prenatal Health and Infant Care Education
  • Birthing Classes
  • Nutrition Counseling
  • WIC Referral
  • Medicaid Benefit Education
  • Social Service Referrals
  • Home Visit by Nurse After Delivery
  • Postpartum Care
  • Family Planning/Birth Control Services
  • Kohl's Cribs for Kids Program
  • Car Seat for Kids Program sponsored by AHIF


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