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August 28, 2014

New Courtyard, Lobby & Gift Shop Dedication

The University of South Alabama Children's and Women's Hopstial held a reception to dedicate the new courtyard, lobby & gift shop with a large gathering of friends and employees of USA Health System. The ceremony included remarks from hospital administrator Owen Bailey, USA president Tony Waldrop and two mothers whose families have been touched by our hospital.

See photographs from the dedication on the hospital's FaceBook page here.


Thank you for your interest in the Combined Internal Medicine-Pediatric Residency Program at the University of South Alabama in Mobile, AL.

The University of South Alabama offers a four-year residency program for combined training in Internal Medicine and Pediatrics. Training occurs in a friendly learning environment within the Departments of Internal Medicine and Pediatrics. Program graduates are prepared to enter both specialties in a variety of settings including community-based primary care, hospitalist, academic clinician educator and subspecialty fellowship training.

Pediatric training occurs at the USA Children's and Women's Hospital, a free-standing facility dedicated to providing quality care to the children and women of the Gulf Coast area. Internal Medicine training occurs primarily at the USA Medical Center, an academic tertiary referral center.

Please take a moment to explore our site and learn more about our program.

Program Overview

Residents in our program complete 24 total months of pediatrics and 24 total months of internal medicine.

Residents switch sides every 3 months. Thus, a resident starting on pediatrics in July will switch to internal medicine in October and back to pediatrics in January.

Med-Peds residents participate in the clinics of both categorical programs. Med-Peds residents have clinic twice weekly on Monday and Wednesday afternoons. Residents will be assigned to have Pediatric clinic on Monday afternoon and Internal Medicine clinic on Wednesday afternoon or vice versa. This assignment will be consistent throughout the entire 4 years of residency.

Most years, our program will accept 2 combined Internal Medicine-Pediatric residents.


For residents interested in pursuing post-residency training, the Internal Medicine Department has three 3-year fellowship programs available in the following subspecialties:

At this time, there are no fellowship programs available in the Pediatric department.

Web Resources

University of South Alabama Pediatric Residency Homepage

University of South Alabama Internal Medicine Residency Homepage

National Med-Peds Residency Association

National Residency Matching Program

Electronic Residency Application Service


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