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Aid to Impaired Medical Students - AIMS

Faculty/Sponsor: Dr. Susan LeDoux

Class 2018 Council: Richard Hettemann, Beth Terry
Class 2019 Council: Christina Artz & Jonathon Whitehead
Class 2020 Council: Maria Siow & Aaron Dinerman
Class 2021 Council: Alexandera Jager & Hamilton Moore

Alpha Omega Alpha Medical Honor Society - AOA

Councilor: Dr. Jon Simmons
Class 2018 Members: Stephen Ambrose, Leith Bayazid, Austin Brown, Sarah Cassity,
Olivia Means, C. Alexander Wiles

Christian Medical Ministry of South Alabama - CMMSA

Faculty/Sponsors: Dr. Keith Peevy, Duane Baxter
President: Patrick Young
Vice President: Tyler Kaelin

Gay-Straight Alliance - GSA

Faculty/Sponsors: Dr. Franklin TrimmDr. Kevin Green

Gold Humanism Honor Society - GHHS

Chapter Advisors: Dr. Susan LeDoux, Karen Braswell

Class 2018 Members:

Alan Akria
Sarah K. Cassity, GHHS Treasurer/Secretary
Winston M. Crute
Darren S. Ferree
Katherine E. Glosemeyer
Lauren E. Nelson
Adam M. Powell
Ashton W. Todd
Mary Morgan Weed - GHHS Social Coordinator
C. Alexander Wiles - GHHS President

Leander Grimm, Jr., M.D. - Department of Surgery

The Leonard Tow Humanism in Medicine Award:
Philip Almalouf, M.D. - Department of Internal Medicine

John Daniel Byrd, M.D. - Department of Internal Medicine
Caitlin Marshall, M.D. - Department of Internal Medicine
Justin Sobrino, M.D. - Department of Surgery

Student-Run Free Clinic 

Faculty/Sponsors: Dr. Susan LeDoux, Dr. Alison Rudd
President: Austin Cook (Pharm)
Vice Pres.: William Parker (COM)
Treasurer: Phillip Brennan (COM)
Secretary: Paige Trawick (Pharm)
Development Chair: Lauren Chastain (COM)
Research Coord.: James Burke (COM)
Risk Manager: Will Lightfoot (COM)
Audiology Discipline Liaison: Lexi Niemann
Nursing Liaison: Allison Ladner
PA Discipline Liaison: Leigh Williams
Pharmacy Discipline Liaison: Kelli Caddell
OT Discipline Liason: Kelli Caddell
Social Work Discipline Liaison: Morgan Watkins

For more information, please contact Ms. Karen Braswell, at 251-471-7145.


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