Fourth Year College of Medicine Courses in Internal Medicine

M3s at USAMC 2.jpgPreference is given to USA COM students who need courses to meet graduation requirements; however, visiting students frequently participate in electives, such as the Nephrology and Endocrine & Metabolism subspecialty courses.


Acting Internships in Internal Medicine

Two (2) four-week Acting Internships are required for USA COM M4 students. The Department of Medicine offers 2 courses which meet this requirement.

  • MED 450: Acting Internship - Medicine
  • MED 452: Acting Internship - Critical Care Medicine


Subspecialties in Internal Medicine

Educational experiences in a subspecialty course provide the student with in-depth exposure to the unique features of the subspecialty. Two (2) four-week subspecialty courses are required for USA COM M4 students. The Department of Internal Medicine offers the following courses to meet this requirement:

  • MED 460: Pulmonary Medicine
  • MED 462: Renal Medicine - Nephrology - Kidney
  • MED 463: Cardiology Consultation Service
  • MED 464: Infectious Diseases
  • MED 465: Gastroenterology
  • MED 468: Cardiology Inpatient Service
  • MED 470: MercyLIFE ~ Geriatrics


Faculty Advisors

Internal Medicine
Dr. Haley Ballard 
Dr. Sabrina Bessette 
Dr. Judy Blair-Elortegui 
Dr. Errol Crook 
Dr. Karen Fagan 
Dr. Brian Fouty 
Dr. TJ Hundley 
Dr. Christopher Malozzi 
Dr. Alana Schilthuis 
Dr. Rachel Seaman 

Internal Medicine/Education
Dr. Antwan Hogue 

Med/Peds - Combined
Dr. Grace Hundley 


Visiting Students

Visiting students may apply to take courses in the Department of Internal Medicine. Approval for these courses rest with the Office of the Associate Dean for Medical Education & Student Affairs in consultation with the USA Department of Internal Medicine. The University of South Alabama College of Medicine uses the Visiting Student Application Service (VSAS) to receive all visiting student applications. Applications may be submitted through VSAS starting on April 15 for the upcoming academic year.  For more information, review our webpage dedicated to visiting students here.


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