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Fourth Year College of Medicine Courses in Family Medicine

Acting Internship - Family Medicine Practice (FMP 450)

Duration: 4 Weeks Full Time

Medicine Availability: All blocks, Max# students: 2

Objective: To provide students the opportunity to gain additional experience in (1) the diagnosis and management of patients encountered in a Family Practice in-patient service, and (2) improve technical and procedural skills involved in the care of such patients.


  1. The student will be the primary provider of care for the hospital patients of the Service, operating
    at the level of a PGY-1 Resident with appropriate supervision by housestaff and attending physicians.
  2. The student will be integrated into the regular work schedule of the Service to include the taking of
    night and weekend call or of assigned shifts at the rate of other PGY-1 Residents.
  3. The student will perform a comprehensive history and physical examination on each patient assigned to him/her.
  4. The student will maintain the medical record in a fashion identical to that of a PGY-1 Resident with the counter-signed admission History and Physical and daily progress notes entered in the patient chart.
  5. The student will perform, with direct supervision, patient procedures that are expected of a PGY-1 Resident.
  6. The student will be responsible for arranging for the orderly discharge of his/her patients
    to include discharge instructions, prescription of home medications (counter-signed by a licensed
    physician), and arrangements for post-hospital follow-up.
  7. The student will prepare a complete and written and/or dictated Discharge Summary that, when counter-signed, will be a part of the permanent school record.

Evaluation: The student will be evaluated by the ward resident and attending physician.

Location: U.S.A. Medical Center and USA Children's and Women's Hospital Family Practice Service.

Time: 7:45 a.m., first day of rotation. Morning Report - Private Dining Room, 2nd Floor, USAMC.

Advanced Family Medicine (FMP 460)

Duration: 4 Weeks Full Time

Preceptorship Availability: All blocks, Max # students: 2

Objective: To provide the student the opportunity to gain additional experience in (1) the diagnosis and management of common clinical conditions and (2) skills and procedures performed in the ambulatory setting.

Description: The student will work under the supervision of a family physician preceptor in the office/community hospital setting. Preceptors are available both in Mobile and in the surrounding area. The student will participate in the care of patients with acute, chronic or emergency medical problems with an emphasis placed on managing patients within the context of the family and their total environment. Special attention will be given to assist the student in meeting his/her specific learning objectives based on the individual student's own interests, capabilities or needs.

Responsibilities: Patient care responsibility will be assigned based on the individual student's ability. An advanced level of responsibility equivalent to an acting internship will be the maximum level of responsibility assigned to students in this elective.

Evaluation: Honors/Pass/Fail. Final evaluation will be determined by the course director. The preceptor must submit a written report of the student's performance.

Time: Arrangements for the first day of the rotation should be made through the office of the Predoc Coordinator. 8:00 a.m., first day of rotation.

Family Medicine Office (FMP 461)

Duration: 4 Weeks Full Time

Elective Availability: Blocks 2-12, Max # students: 2

Objective: This elective is designed to allow the student the opportunity to participate in the care of patients in the continuity care setting of the Family Practice Center.

Description: The student will work one-on-one with faculty physicians and Family Practice residents in the departmental ambulatory care clinic.

Responsibilities: The student will see patients on an appointment basis working with faculty and residents. Each patient will be presented to the supervisor prior to disposition. Students will have the opportunity to address acute and chronic medical problems, patient evaluation and preventive health issues to all age groups. The student will be responsible for dictating the appropriate progress note into the record and for assuring that appropriate f/u plans are made. The student will be expected to participate in all departmental teaching conferences.

Evaluation: Honors/Pass/Fail

Location: USA Family Medicine Center

Time: 8:30 a.m., first day of rotation, report to Family Practice Center, USA Springhill.

Primary Care Sports Medicine (FMP 480)

Duration: 4 Weeks Full Time

Availability: All blocks, Max # Students: 1

Prerequisite: Approval of Course Director and Vice Dean for Student Affairs and Medical Education.

Objectives, Description, Responsibilities:

  1. To become familiar with the clinical and radiographic evaluation of sports injuries.
  2. Understand the non-surgical management of the more common sports injuries.
  3. Familiarization with on-field management of athletic injuries.
  4. Understand the special healthcare needs of the athletic population.
  5. Understand the duties and responsibilities of a team physician.

Evaluation: Honors/Pass/Fail based on evaluation of clinical performance and/or other responsibilities.

Location: Family Medicine Center (SHAC).

Time: To be determined.

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