College of Medicine Courses in Radiology


Senior Clerkships (Ray 481 & 484)

Course Directors: Drs. Shikha Gupta and Samuel McQuiston

Designed for medical school students who intend to pursue a career in radiology, the Radiology Clerkships introduce the student to the spectrum of radiology.  Each clerkship lasts 4 weeks, and students will attend daily departmental conferences.

In Radiology Clerkship I (Ray 481), students will be given the opportunity to rotate through four diagnostic radiology subspecialty services at the University of South Alabama Medical Center (Abdominal Imaging, Cardiothoracic Imaging, Musculoskeletal Imaging and Neuroradiology) where they will become acquainted with technical skills and interpretive practices of diagnostic imaging, including radiography, computed tomography (CT), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and ultrasound. Toward the end of each week, students will participate in the interpretation of diagnostic imaging studies. Visiting students are eligible for this course.

Radiology Clerkship II (Ray 484) allows the future radiologist to arrange extended time in a subspecialty by shadowing a faculty radiologist for the 4-week rotation. Before scheduling the course, the student must make arrangements with the desired radiologist. Completion of Radiology Clerkship I is required prior to beginning the block. Visiting students are NOT eligible for this course.


Interventional Radiology Clerkship (Ray 460)

Course Director: Dr. Osama Abdul-Rahim

Interventional Radiology Clerkship (Ray 460) provides in-depth participation in Interventional Radiology practice designed for students specifically interested in pursuing postgraduate training in Interventional Radiology, focusing on minimally invasive image-guided procedures. The goal is for students to work side by side with the radiology faculty members and residents to become well versed in planning, performing and post-procedure patient care as it pertains to interventional radiology procedures.


Basic Radiology (Ray-480)

Course Directors: Drs. Shikha Gupta and Samuel McQuiston

Basic Radiology is intended for those medical school students who are not going into radiology as a career but are interested in gaining exposure to the field of radiology. The 4-week course provides an understanding of the techniques and terminology of diagnostic radiology and to the basics of radiographic interpretation with focus on the perspective of the clinician.  Students will be given the opportunity to rotate through the USAMC Radiology Department to observe imaging interpretations and procedures as well as become acquainted with the operation of the department. Visiting students are NOT eligible for this course.


Pediatric Radiology (Ray-483)

Course Director: Dr. Todd Standley

Pediatric Radiology is structured for students who are going into a pediatrics-related career and want an in-depth exposure to the field of pediatric imaging. The 4-week rotation is entirely completed at the USA Children's and Women's Hospital and includes active participation in all pediatric radiology activities, such as image interpretation, special procedures and imaging modalities, active participation in the nursery and pediatric conferences, consultations with pediatric surgery, and attendance at the Pediatric Radiology Conference and Grand Rounds. Visiting students are NOT eligible for this course.


Radiology Selective (Ray-311)

Course Director: Dr. Samuel McQuiston

The Radiology Selective is a 4-week course during the third year of medical school for students who are considering radiology as a career. During the selective students explore many areas in the field of radiology. To provide an understanding of the various aspects of the career, this rotation is developed along the line of the following six domains:

  • High-Yield Image Interpretation ("Don’t’ Miss" Diagnoses)
  • Imaging Techniques and Image-Guided Procedures
  • Communication in Radiology
  • Scholarship in Radiology
  • The Patient Perspective
  • Radiology: The Career


Visiting Students

Visiting students may apply to take Radiology Clerkship I but are not eligible for our other radiology courses. Ultimate approval to matriculate for this course rests with the Office of the Associate Dean for Medical Education & Student Affairs in consultation with the USA Department of Radiology. Visiting Medical Students from foreign & Caribbean medical schools are not accepted; however, these students can apply for departmental interviews through ERAS. The University of South Alabama College of Medicine uses the Visiting Student Application Service (VSAS), to receive all visiting student applications.  Applications may be submitted through VSAS starting on April 15 for the upcoming academic year.  For more information, review our webpage dedicated to visiting students here


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