There are two mechanisms by which medical students gain research training at the University of South Alabama College of Medicine: the Summer Research Program and the Honors Program.

Summer Research:
The College of Medicine sponsors a 10-week Summer Research Program targeted specifically for medical students who wish to gain a better appreciation for biomedical research. The summer experience includes a seminar program which focuses on various scientific and clinical topics. Applications and proposal abstracts are available on the web in early Spring semester. Opportunities for medical students to complete summer research in the Center for Lung Biology will be highlighted here at that time.

Honors Program:
This program is targeted to medical students who wish to gain more in-depth research training in an area of clinical or basic medical science. Students who participate in the Summer Research Program prior to their Sophomore year and who subsequently apply to the Research Honors Program may receive credit for the summer research training. Guidelines and the application form for the Research Honors Program are available in the College of Medicine Student Handbook or contact the Office of Student Affairs.

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