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finan_headshot_400.jpgDear Friends,

The University of South Alabama Mitchell Cancer Institute (MCI) continues to grow and thrive.  Our clinical enterprise is robust. In the last 18 months, over 9,400 patients throughout the region were treated at the MCI. We are developing multidisciplinary teams in the areas of breast cancer, gynecologic cancer, gastrointestinal cancers and other cancers.  By bringing entire teams of disease-focused specialists together, we provide precision medicine to conquer cancer. 

Our clinical trials portfolio continues to expand. Currently, 31 clinical trials are open to patients and 205 patients are enrolled in clinical trials.  Of our clinical trial enrollment, 60 minority patients are enrolled in studies, with 29.3% minority enrollment in all trials and 36.9% minority enrollment into interventional trials. We have introduced a comprehensive patient navigation program to enhance our patient-centered approach to care.  Over 900 patients are under active navigation and this number is growing.  Our patient navigation program is an example of successful collaborations underway with the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) Comprehensive Cancer Center. Other collaborations in cancer control and prevention, pancreatic cancer research, and clinical trials are forging ahead. We firmly believe these collaborations will enhance cancer health outcomes for the state, reduce health disparities and foster economic development that benefits us all. 

Never before has research in cancer been as critical as it is now and never before has funding been so difficult to obtain.  Even with national funding constraints for research, MCI scientists continue to obtain extramural funding and grow their innovative cancer research programs with the goal of finding better ways to detect and treat cancer. We continue to recruit nationally and Cumulative extramural funding at MCI is $21,999,521.  On average, each PI has $1.8 million in funding.  Eight new research grants were awarded in FY 2014 alone, totaling $3,702,162. In FY 2014, active grant awards totaled $12,662,214 and the annual grant funds totaled $3,115,763. This fall, internationally renowned scientist, Dr. Robert Sobol, joined the MCI to head our DNA Damage and Repair Program. 

We continue to build upon these accomplishments to win the war against cancer-one battle at a time.  Together, through our team of clinicians, scientists and member physicians, we are making significant strides in improving cancer outcomes in our region and beyond. Great things are happening at the University of South Alabama Mitchell Cancer Institute!


Michael A. Finan, M.D.
Abraham A. Mitchell Chair
Director, USA Mitchell Cancer Institute


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