Department of Physiology
Senior Associate Dean
University of South Alabama
College of Medicine
MSB 3074
Mobile, AL 36688

Phone: 251-460-6815
FAX: 251-460-6386

Ph.D., University of California, Davis.
Postdoctoral Studies: University of South Alabama


Research Interests:

Research in my laboratory broadly focuses on mechanisms that regulate the integrity of the alveolar septal barrier in the lung and the pathobiology which leads to the development of acute lung injury. The role of lung endothelial heterogeneity with respect to calcium channel expression and regulation of endothelial barrier function are of particular interest. Our current work focuses on 1) the role of the vanilloid transient receptor potential calcium channel TRPV4 in acute lung injury, 2) intracellular localization of TRPV4 in lung endothelium in relation to focal adhesion plaques, and 3) the roles of TRPV4 and soluble epoxide hydrolase in modulating Pseudomonas aeruginosa-induced acute lung injury.  We have previously documented a key role for TRPV4 in mediating the acute lung injury evoked by challenge of lung with mechanical stress (high airway and high vascular pressure) or eicosatrienoic acids, epoxygenase derivatives of arachidonic acid. Techniques in the laboratory include: assessment of lung barrier function, endothelial permeability, lung histology and quantitative morphometry, immunohistochemistry, and calcium transients in lungs from intact animals.

Recent Publications:

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