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Local Goodness 2014

USA Children's & Women's Hospital invited the Mobile area to an exclusive farm-to-table event presented by Hancock Bank, and the event was a success!

Thank you so much for your support of Local Goodness. We are excited to announce that this inaugural signature fundraiser was a huge success, thanks to our generous sponsors and guests.

Local Goodness was created to raise funds for the redesign of our Evaluation Center, the emergency department that sees over 35,000 patients annually (almost 90 percent of them children). Local Goodness will paid tribute to local cuisine, art and music while raising awareness and support for the hospital’s mission of providing the highest quality healthcare for the children and women in this region.


Different levels of sponsorship exist for your brand to be recognized at Local Goodness 2015. For more information about next year's sponsorship opportunities, contact Director of Development Beth Mattei at (251) 415-1636 or 

Some of our 2014 sponsors included:

Local Hero (Presenting)

Hancock Bank

Local Guardians

University of South Alabama Foundation

Louis and Melinda Mapp

Local Friend

Brad and Melissa Beard

Alabama Power


USA Children's & Women's Hospital Evaluation Center Redesign Project

Our emergency medical services are provided through the Evaluation Center, which is an 11-bed, Level III emergency department. The Evaluation Center sees more than 35,000 patients annually and is specially equipped and staffed to meet the unique needs of children and women with obstetrical and gynecological emergencies. Critically ill patients may be transported via air medical helicopter, area ambulance service or through the hospital’s neonatal or pediatric intensive care transport vehicles.

A $2 million state-of-the-art expansion and relocation will make the Evaluation Center more accessible by ambulance, feature additional beds for treatment, provide dedicated space for OB/GYN patients and separate waiting rooms for our adult and pediatric patients. This design will help reduce wait times and streamline care at the only Emergency Room dedicated solely to the healthcare needs of children and women. A larger Evaluation Center will better accommodate our patients and families while continuing to provide the quality care that they deserve.

Additional highlights of this Level III Trauma Center include:

  • 26 treatment rooms to increase capacity for care
  • New triage system enables faster diagnosis
  • Large, comfortable waiting room provides privacy and decreases stress
  • Covered short-term parking and separate EC entrance improves ease of access
  • Separate and enclosed climate-controlled ambulance bay protects patients from the elements, offers space for multiple rigs and workspace for EMS providers
  • Resuscitation and orthopaedic procedure rooms are located just inside the bay doors for faster response
  • New, more efficient layout helps staff deliver faster care

For more information on how to donate to the USA Children’s & Women’s Hospital Evaluation Center, call 251-415-1636 or e-mail





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