Deal_J resized.jpgJoshua Deal

Graduate Student, Year 6
Departments of Engineering and Pharmacology
Center for Lung Biology
University of South Alabama Colleges of Engineering and Medicine


Silas J. Leavesley, Ph.D.
Engineering Department

Thomas C. Rich, Ph.D.
Department of Pharmacology

Research Focus:  We are exploring the uses of a new imaging technology known as excitation-scanning hyperspectral imaging. Excitation scanning both reduces the acquisition time and increases the amount of signal available in fluorescence imaging studies. We're currently using this technology to expand the number of fluorescent signals available to a researcher in any given signal, as well as using the fluorescent molecules inherently found in the human body (called autofluorescence) to detect disease states. Specifically, I'm examining the use of excitation scanning hyperspectral imaging in colon cancer detection and atherosclerotic plaque detection in arteries.

Conference Proceedings:
1. Deal, J., Favreau, P., Lopez, C., Lall, M., Weber, D., Rich, T., Leavesley, S. Excitation-scanning hyperspectral imaging as a means to discriminate various tissue types. SPIE BiOS 10068-40
2. Rich, T., Annamdevula, N., Trinh, K., Britain, A., Mayes, S., Griswold, J., Deal, J., Hoffman, C., West, S., Leavesley, S. 5D imaging approaches reveal the formation of distinct intracellular cAMP spatial gradients SPIE BiOS 10070-28 (2017)
3. Favreau, P., Deal, J., Weber, D., Rich, T., Leavesley, S. Feasibility for detection of autofluorescent signatures in rat organs using a novel excitation-scanning hyperspectral imaging system. SPIE BiOS 9711-25 (2016)
4. Dean, J., Favreau, P., Deal, J., Lopez, C., Wheeler, M., Williams, C., Baker, T., Weber, D., Rich, T., Leavesley, S. Hyperspectral imaging of lung autofluorescence B39 American Thoracic Society A3398-A3398 (2016)

Honors, Awards, Recognition:
SPIE Student Travel Award – Photonics West (2017)
Secretary/Treasurer – Basic Medical Science Student Organization (2014-2015)
Graduate Assistantship – University of South Alabama Mathematics (2011-2013)
Fraternity Education Officer – Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Music Fraternity (2010-2011)
Treasurer – Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Music Fraternity (2009-2010)
Millennium Scholar – Troy University (2007-2011)
Band Scholarship – Troy University Sound of the South (2007-2011)
Phi Kappa Phi – Academic Honor Society
Pi Mu Epsilon – Mathematics Honor Society
Troy University Sound of the South Pep Band – By Audition Only

Society Membership:
International Society for Optical Engineering (SPIE)
American Heart Association (AHA)

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