Intellectual Property and Technology Commercialization

Our research serves as a catalyst for commercialization and innovation in these ways:

  • MCI FCAPE considers entrepreneurship in promotion and tenure decisions, along with research, teaching and service.
  • Entrepreneurship is considered in faculty recruitment decisions.
  • MCI’s budget support patent prosecution and maintenance costs for more than two-thirds of MCI patents.
  • Six spinoff companies have been established around MCI technologies.


Biotechnology Spinoffs Utilizing MCI Intellectual Property

Creatics: Proteomic-based early detection of pancreatic cancer (Pannell)

ADT Pharma: Novel Ras inhibitory compounds to treat cancer (Piazza, Keeton, Chen)

PDEi Pharma: Novel phosphodiesterase inhibitory compounds to treat cancer (Piazza, Keeton, Chen)

Tatva Biosciences: Silver nanoparticles to prevent skin cancer (A. Singh, S. Singh)

Canal House Biosciences: Novel assays and reagents to interrogate DNA damage and repair (Sobol)


Cumulative MCI Patents Filed and Issued

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