1st Annual Lung Bowl

Snapshots: 1st Lung Bowl Competition

The University of South Alabama Center for Lung Biology held its first Lung Bowl competition on June 1, 2012, at the USA Faculty Club.

The Lung Bowl is a biology game based on a jeopardy model, where teams come together to compete against one another for high scores. The teams include graduate students, doctoral program students, pulmonary and critical care fellows, and post-doctoral fellows in the USA Center for Lung Biology.

According to Dr. Troy Stevens, professor of pharmacology and director of the USA Center for Lung Biology, the Lung Bowl is a training exercise that builds the pulmonary community.

"This event gives our students opportunities to interact with others from various disciplines, all of whom are interested in central issues related to lung physiology and lung pathology," he said. "This is a new attempt for us to bring our education programs to an even higher level to compete at a national level for training."

"This is something that we’re emphasizing on both the clinical side and the basic science side," Dr. Stevens added. "It’s a fun competition among peers."

This year's winning team was Team 5, "The Pulmonauts." Team members were (from left to right)Audrey Vasauskas, postdoctoral fellow; Jared McLendon, graduate student; Patricia Villalta, graduate student; Ali Riaz, pulmonary fellow.




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