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Cellular and Biomolecular Imaging Facility

Provides a broad platform of technologies for imaging fixed or living cells and tissues. The technologies offered include sub-diffraction limit super-resolution imaging via Structured Illumination (SIM) or Stochastic Optical Reconstruction (STORM) microscopy; spectral, confocal and widefield fluorescence imaging; color imaging for histology; and an MMI CellCut Plus laser micro-dissection system. Some of our microscope systems are equipped with environmental chambers and perfect focus systems allowing for extended time-lapse imaging of living cells. We also support a range of microscope-based experimental techniques, including simultaneous photostimulation and imaging for use withphotoactivatable proteins or in FRAP (Fluorescent Recovery after Photobleaching) experiments, as well as fluorescent techniques for detecting protein-protein interactions in living cells such as FRET (Foerster resonance energy transfer) or BIFC (bi-molecular fluorescent complementation). Additionally, the MMI CellCut Plus can be utilized to remove and collect cells of interest from a prepared slide for biochemical analysis. Our staff is ready to provide support for every step of the imaging process, from training and assistance in using the equipment to involvement in planning experiments, analyzing date, or preparing images for publication.

CBIF Equipment List:
Nikon Ti-E with A1rsi and N-STORM (Stochastic Optical Reconstruction Microscopy) Super-Resolution Imaging Spectral confocal microscope equipped with 6 laser lines for resonance and standard laser-scanning confocal imaging, two laser lines for N-STORM super-resolution imaging, automated stage, and 32-channel spectral detection with variable diffraction grating.
Nikon Ti-E with N-SIM (Structured Illumination Microscopy) Super-Resolution Imaging Structured Illumination Microscopy system equipped with two laser lines for super-resolution imaging, incubation chamber, and automated stage.
Nikon TE2000E
automated inverted widefield microscope equipped with automated Stage, incubation chamber, Z-drive, Perfect Focus System, and external filter wheels for FRET.
Nikon TE2000U inverted widefield fluorescent microscope.
Nikon TE100 inverted widefield fluorescent microscope.
Nikon SMZ1500 stereo widefield fluorescent microscope.
Zeiss Axiovert 200M automated inverted widefield fluorescent microscope.
Zeiss Axioskop 40 Histology Microscope.
MMI CellCut Plus Laser Dissection Microscope mounted on an Olympus IX81 base equipped with widefield fluorescence.

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