University of South Alabama

The Gumbo Chili Showdown


The Gumbo Chili Showdown, an event that benefits the Regan Robinson Young Scholarship Fund for the University of South Alabama College of Medicine, will take place in March. The event was created in 2008 by USA medical students and continues to be organized by students at USA College of Medicine. It is a family-friendly event open to the public.

The Regan Robinson Young Scholarship was created in memory of Regan Robinson, a medical student at USA who was diagnosed with advanced colon cancer in 2003 at the age of 23. She used her own experience to help others cope will illness. In 2007, just months before her graduation from medical school, Regan passed away. Her empathetic spirit and drive to continue medical school while completing chemotherapy made her an inspiration to fellow students, faculty and staff. The scholarship provides assistance to a rising senior medical student who embodies Regan's spirit and character.


Please visit for event details.      Photo Gallery 2011

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