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Jordan Combs, M.D. (class of 2016)

From the frigid north, I just wanted to send everybody a big thank you for being a great group of friends and colleagues.

Things are going great here in Grand Rapids. I am now clinical faculty at Michigan State College of Human Medicine, and an attending neuro-hospitalist at Spectrum Health Medical Center. We have our residency through Grand Rapids Medical Education Partners.

I am confident in saying that my neurology training at USAMC was robust and complete. Having a multi-sub-specialty clinic and regional referral medical center provided extensive opportunity to see and care for a wide range of common, complex and extremely rare neurological conditions. Personally providing care to tertiary referrals for all the regions advanced neurovascular, neuromuscular, movement disorder, multiple sclerosis, pediatric neurology and epilepsy patients has prepared me for my daily rounds. In particular the bread and butter neurology of stroke and seizure education were phenomenal. I was able to participate first hand in the care of acute stroke patients requiring advanced endovascular interventions and neuro-critical care monitoring. Also continuous monitoring of EMU and epilepsy surgery candidates allowed for practical training in advanced topographic/localization software, intracranial monitoring, WADA and language mapping. Furthermore, the rest of the faculties active clinics for MS, headache, stroke, seizure, Parkinson’s, Botox and neurophysiology, all with great hands on experiences, have prepared me for real world consults and procedures. After 4 years of lectures, rounds and clinic I felt well prepared for boards and starting my career.

I miss you all, thank you. A special thank you to everyone who reached out personally to help me get exactly what I was looking for right out of residency.


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Andrew Manley, M.D. (class of 2016)

The USA Neurology Residency affords the resident constant one-on-one teaching from faculty, while still exposing the resident to a widely varied array of patient cases equivalent to cases seen by residents at much larger programs.

On day one after graduation, I felt fully prepared and confident in making my own decisions as a practicing general neurologist.



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Ethan Gore, M.D. (class of 2014)

The most unique and useful training I received during South Alabama neurology residency was in the field of epilepsy. We had a high volume of in- and outpatient seizure cases and excellent EEG interpretation didactics. At South, I learned to handle seizures appropriately, confidently, and efficiently.



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Eric Grover, M.D. (class of 2014)

I chose USA Neurology because their focus is on well rounded training in all areas of neurology. The program is smaller, and places more emphasis on each individual trainee. At larger programs, with multiple subspecialty fellows, it is easy to get lost in the mix and miss exposure to fascinating cases. At USA Neurology, you gain the experience and knowledge in all subspecialties of neurology. As a result, graduates feel comfortable and competent to practice as general neurologists without fellowship training. However, those who wish to sub-specialize have been very successful in obtaining fellowship positions at excellent training programs in a variety of fields in recent years (Cleveland Clinic, Yale, and the University of Minnesota to name a few). Training at USA Neurology will foster growth, knowledge, clinical acumen and provide the tools needed for your future goals as a neurologist.



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Elliott Foster, M.D. (class of 2012)

The training I received during my neurology residency at the University of South Alabama has been invaluable to my career. I was exposed to a variety of clinical approaches, had opportunities to participate in research activities, and was involved in the care of patients with diverse and often complicated disease processes. I was also offered much autonomy in clinical decision making as well as in choosing my elective rotations.

My neurology professors were thoroughly experienced, well read, friendly and approachable. All of these experiences helped to shape and sharpen my clinical acumen and prepare me for the world of private practice neurology.



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Greg Lipscomb, M.D. (class of 2012)

I have been practicing Neurology in Montgomery, AL for the past 4 years. I am in a very busy practice serving over 300,000 patients. With my training obtained during my residency, I provide nerve conduction studies, EEGs, and recently, home video ambulatory EEGs. I recently returned from Kenya, where I donated two EEG machines, taught 4 Kenyans how to perform studies, and built a website database that will facilitate transmitting the files to the US for interpretation. This is a pioneering step in the world of global health, epilepsy, and tele-health.

My neurology training at the University of South Alabama was invaluable in helping me achieve these goals. I was able to have close mentoring by my faculty and was given excellent hands on training in epilepsy care, as well as other fields of neurology. Looking back, I am thankful for my neurology training at the University of South Alabama, and looking forward, I am excited at the prospect of improving neurological care around the world.



Where are they now?

  • Diana Hengartner, M.D. (2017) - Fellowship in Movement Disorders (2017-2019), Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland OH
  • William Kilgo, M.D. (2017) - Fellowship in Neuroimmunology and Multiple Sclerosis (2017-2018), University of Alabama Birmingham, Birmingham AL
  • Jaesung Kim, M.D. (2017) - Attending neurologist, Tulsa OK
  • Jordan Combs, M.D. (2016) - Neurohospitalist and faculty, Michigan State College of Human Medicine/Spectrum Health Medical Center, Grand Rapids, MI
  • Andrew Manley, M.D. (2016) - Attending neurologist, Thomas Hospital, Fairhope, AL, Coastal Neurological Institute, Mobile, AL
  • Matthew McLean, M.D. (2014) - Attending neurologist, Infirmary Hospital, Mobile, AL
  • Ethan Gore, M.D. (2014) - Attending neurologist, Pensacola, FL; Fellowship in Cognitive Neurology, Case Western University, Cleveland, OH
  • Eric Grover, M.D. (2014) - Faculty, Dartmouth University/Hitchcock Medical Center, Manchester, NH; Fellowship in Epilepsy (2014-2016), Yale University, New Haven CN
  • Gloria Simms, M.D. (2013) - Attending neurologist, Inland Hospital/ EMHS. Location: Bangor, ME
  • Judy Chun Huang, M.D. (2013) - Neurohospitalist, Memorial Health Systems, Chattanooga, TN
  • T. Elliot Foster, M.D. (2012) - Attending neurologist, Coastal Neurological Institute, Mobile, AL
  • Gregory Lipscomb, M.D. (2012) - Attending neurologist, Neurology Consultants of Montgomery, Jackson Hospital, Montgomery, AL
  • Daniel Dees, M.D. (2011) - Assistant Professor, Department of Neurology, University of South Alabama, Mobile AL; Fellowship in Movement Disorders (2011-2012), Medical College of Georgia, Augusta GA
  • Kristina Duffy, M.D. (2011) - Attending neurologist, Niceville, FL
  • Shannon Overs, M.D. (2011) - Attending neurologist, Charlotte, NC; Fellowship in Neuroimmunology/Multiple Sclerosis, University of Oregon (2011-2013), Portland OR
  • Izabella Koper, M.D. (2010) - Attending neurologist, Mobile VA Medical Center, Mobile AL
  • Maher Loutfi, M.D. (2010) - Attending neurologist, Sentara Healthcare, Woodbridge VA; Fellowship in Clinical Neurophysiology, Vanderbilt University (2010-2011)

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