Why give? One look at the face of a cancer patient who is able to get back to normal life will tell you why. Your support of MCI has a direct impact on the lives of our patients. Thank you for giving the gift of hope!

"I Celebrate Hope..."         

“As I celebrate my 52nd birthday this year, I CELEBRATE HOPE, like on no other birthday before. I am grateful like never before…grateful for my life! In April, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Suddenly, my very full life—as a wife and a mother of four with a growing real estate business—became a most frightening and overwhelming time.

The Mitchell Cancer Institute was there for me 100% throughout this process. From the most attentive and personable greeter one can imagine, to my very thorough team of technicians all under the direction of the chief of radiation oncology, I simply can’t imagine having a more peaceful and HOPE-filled experience. Thank God and a resounding thanks to Mitchell Cancer Institute for making it happen!”

—Anna Luce

"MCI is definitely a Place of Hope..."                                

“Being diagnosed with cancer was by far the hardest day of my life. Having the feeling of complete helplessness and not knowing where to go added to that fear. Through all the prayers that were said on my behalf, trusting my doctors, being uplifted by the staff at the Mitchell Cancer Institute, they gave me the strength to carry out my treatments to the fullest and keep a positive attitude that I would beat this disease.

I am happy today to say I am Cancer Free. A great big Thank You to my wonderful doctors and Mitchell Cancer Institute. If you are diagnosed with cancer, MCI is definitely a Place of Hope.”

—Michael Ross

"World-class team of researchers..."                               

“I feel privileged to work at the Mitchell Cancer Institute, and doubly so to have the support of the Celebrate Hope gala. MCI already has a world-class team of researchers, and with the purchase of the Nikon A1/N-SIM Super-resolution Microscope, we can offer cutting-edge imaging technology to those researchers, allowing us to compete with much larger institutions.

We have the potential here to do work that can transform the lives of cancer patients, and that’s truly a hope worth celebrating!”

—Dr. Joel Andrews 

"More than just medicine..."                                           

The Directors of the Ethelyn B. Hays Endowment Board share fundamental values with USA Mitchell Cancer Institute. We believe that medical care is more than just medicine. We believe that medical care is transformational. The supportive services and medical care made possible through the Ethelyn B. Hays Endowment Fund offer hope and encouragement to oncology patients with financial needs. The Ethelyn B. Hays Endowment Fund makes it possible for USA Mitchell Cancer Institute to reach out to those patients who need it the most, making a profound difference in their lives.

-Directors of the Ethelyn B. Hays Endowment Board

“We are indeed fortunate…”

“In late September 2009, a trip to a local emergency room for what I thought was a flare-up of an old knee problem resulted in a major shock for me and my family. Routine blood work revealed an unrelated problem and, following a subsequent referral to MCI, it was determined that I had some form of cancer affecting my blood. I went through a battery of tests at that facility, but while waiting on results, my wife and I decided to go to the famed MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston for a second opinion. After spending 13 days in Houston and undergoing what seemed like every possible test, it was determined that I had a rare form of leukemia.

“The good news was that, although rare, my leukemia is very treatable, and, even better, that I was able to have the same treatment I would have undergone in Houston at our own Mitchell Cancer Institute in Mobile. What made me feel even more confident was that the final test results from MCI yielded the exact diagnosis as was determined at MD Anderson. I underwent chemotherapy and am currently in remission, with a very positive prognosis for the future.

“Throughout this ordeal, my treatment at MCI, from my attending oncologist, Dr. Cameron, to the nurses and staff in the USA Medical Center chemotherapy area, to the general reception/secretarial staff, was friendly, professional and generally ‘top-notch.’ And not only does MCI offer outstanding treatment and care for myself and other area cancer patients, their research staff are constantly looking for better and more effective ways to treat and cure this dreaded disease.

“We are indeed fortunate to have the Mitchell Cancer Institute in our own back yard.”

—Tom Holston

“The two most beautiful words: Remission and Recovery…”

“We have been supporters of the Mitchell Cancer Institute from the beginning and have made numerous donations and attended several events. We have also contributed to the Geri Moulton Sculpture Park in front of the building. It is a beautiful and peaceful park for the patients, families and staff to stroll through between their treatments. Driving to MCI through this serene park creates a sense of well-being and serenity.

“Never did I believe that one day I would walk through the doors of that amazing building as a leukemia patient. Walking in as a patient instead of as a guest was a completely different experience and emotion for both of us.

“Why would we entertain the idea of leaving the comfort of home and friends to travel to another city for treatment when we have the best facility right here in Mobile. The care, concern and ability of the doctors and staff have made these last six months a journey back to hope and wellness. Doctor Tom Butler and the other staff have restored my faith, future and happiness for a long and healthy life.

“Without a doubt, the two most beautiful words in the English language are remission and recovery. We are truly blessed to have the benefit of the Mitchell Cancer Institute in Mobile.”

—Penny Adamo

“MCI is such a gift to my family and me…”

“I have been amazed and humbled by the support we have received from the Mitchell Cancer Institute since my daughter’s diagnosis—from Dr. Finan, my daughter’s doctor, to the Chemo Sabes, the volunteers that take care of every patient’s needs during treatment.

“In all my years of volunteering to raise money for MCI through Polo at the Point, never did I ever think I would have a need for it. How wrong I was, and how grateful I am to have been a very small part of making MCI a reality. Several years of volunteering with Polo at the Point to raise money for MCI did not sink in until I walked through those doors. At first, I felt like a deer in the headlights until I saw the plaque dedicated to Polo at the Point and I immediately felt a connection.

“MCI is such a huge asset to the Mobile Bay community, one I took for granted. Now, I say, way to go USA! I have been truly blessed throughout my life, and MCI is such a gift to my family and me. Maybe now my family will understand when I raise my hand one more time to volunteer to raise funds.

“MCI is a world class institute and would not have been possible without multitudes of volunteers and many generous donors. Blessings to you all!”

—Rosie McGowin

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