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Echo Jeopardy with Dr. Rahimi; Sarina, Landai & Umar: the winners club!

Hassan and Sajjad; winners again & again!

Umar & Landai with Team and Dr. Rahimi; congrats great winners!

Umar & Landai strike again; congrats!

Hassan & Sajjad; winner & winner!

Hassan & Sajjad with the team; a fierce competition!

Landai; the winner!

Landai & Umar; what an awesome team!

Sajjad & Umar; a senior moment! Congrats!

Sarina & Sajjad; congrats super winners!

Abi & Landai; a moment of reflection!

Sarina, Landai & Rafique; a moment of reflection!

Sarina, Umar & Landai; way to go geat winners!

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