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The College of Medicine has three academic tracks for faculty, based on the expected focus for academic scholarship. The criteria for initial appointment and/or promotion are unique to each track.

Investigator Track (pdf file)
Educator Track (pdf file)
Clinician Track (pdf file)

Appointment to the Investigator or Educator Tracks can be made on a tenure accruing or non-tenure accruing basis. Appointments to the Clinician Track are not tenurable.


  • Authorization for Faculty Recruitment (updated 7/2014)
    PDF file (editable)
  • USA Biographical Data Form (updated 12/2013)
    PDF file (editable)
  • I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification
    PDF file (editable) (external site)
  • Affirmative Action Report
    PDF file (editable)
  • Faculty Action Form (updated 6/2014)
    PDF file (editable)
  • Background Investigation Form (for Basic Science Departments only)
    PDF file (editable)
  • Health Sciences Faculty Payroll Information Form
    PDF file
  • Request for promotion and/or tenure: Required materials and format (updated 1/2012)
    PDF file (annotated) | Word document
  • Annual Faculty Productivity and Evaluation Report (updated 5/2014)
    Word document
  • Chair Evaluation Report
    Word document
  • COM Assistant and Associate Dean Evaluation Form
    PDF file | Word document
  • Faculty Departure Routing Login (updated 1/2014)
    http://jagasp/routing/logon.aspx (Computers must be on USA's network to access the site.)




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