Resident and Fellow Exposition 2017 Winners

On May 23, 2017, residents and fellows from across the USA Graduate Medical Education programs presented their scholarly activities in the form of scientific posters. Their efforts made this inaugural event successful. The competition drew 34 entries, which were scored by the following panel of judges:

  • Kim Littlefield, PhD, USA Assistant VP for Research Development and Learning,
  • Ed Panacek, MD, Chair, USA Department of Emergency Medicine, and
  • Amy McRae, BSN, MHA, JD, Director of Quality Management and Education, USA Children’s and Women’s Hospital.

The top posters were selected from three competitive categories based on the appearance of the poster, originality of the project, effective presentation of content, quality of the content and interviews with the presenters. The winners in the three competitive categories are as follows:

Expo 2017 3.jpegClinical and Translational Research

"A Novel Strategy for Increasing the Pool of Donor Lungs Available for Transplant" by Drs. Yong Tan and Majel Purvis with mentor Dr. Jon Simmons of the USA Department of Surgery in collaboration with the USA Department of Pharmacology, including Drs. B.O. Obiako, V.M. Pastukh, O.M. Gorodnya, and Mark Gillespie.

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Expo 2017 2.jpegQuality Improvement

"Improving Diabetes Group Office Visits Attendance Using PDSA Cycle" by Drs. Umang Patel and Davida Yarbrough with mentor Dr. Ehab Molokhia of the USA Department of Family Medicine.

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Expo 2017 1.jpegPatient Safety, Education and Advocacy

"Radiation Dose Reduction in Pulmonary Artery Computed Tomography Angiography" by Drs. Brett Martin, Kartik Reddy, Walt Evans, and J. B. Slappey along with Jennifer Yeager, RT, RCT, and mentor Dr. Samuel McQuiston of the USA Department of Radiology.

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Posters of Distinction

There were many high quality posters presented at the Exposition. A “Poster of Distinction” award recognizes presenters whose abstracts were judged to be in the top 20 percent of the exhibits in a given category

  • “A Multidisciplinary Approach to Increasing Hepatitis C Screening at Stanton Road Clinic” by Drs. Mark Owusu, Brittany Case, Colbert Parker, April Ruffin,Adam Herring, and Harrison Trammell, with mentor Dr. Suneet Dullet of the USA Department of Internal Medicine.
  • “Evaluation of Accuracy and Consistency Between Symptom Checkers for Diagnosis and Triage of Gastrointestinal Symptoms” by Dr. Andrew Berry with mentor Dr. Brooks Cash of the USA Department of Internal Medicine.
  • “Immunohistochemistry in Lymphomas with Crush Artifacts” by Dr. Monira Haque with mentor Dr. Jacek M. Polski of the USA Department of Pathology.
  • “Safety and Complications Associated with MRI-Conditional External Fixators” by Drs. Jonathan Gillig, Brett Crist, and Brian Campfield with mentor Dr. Russell Goode of the USA Department of Orthopaedic Surgery.
  • “Transgluteal Approach for Drainage of Obturator Internus Abscess in Pediatric Patients” by Dr. Stephanie Pearce, Stephen White, and Dennis Jorgensen with mentor Dr. Prasit Nimityongskul of the USA Department of Orthopaedic Surgery.

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