Hope Never Stops Giving...The Ethelyn B. Hays Story

Ethelyn B. Hays lived her 41 years in service to others. A lifelong Methodist, wife, and mother of four, Ethelyn was diagnosed with chronic myelogenous leukemia in 1988. Six and one-half years later, after the Hays' medical insurance was cancelled, a bone marrow match was located and community members banded together to raise $200,000 to secure her position at a transplant center. Ethelyn's miracle chance for a cure became a reality as the spirit of giving was ignited in thousands of people. Her faith never wavered and her dream of being able to spend the rest of her life helping others in catastrophic medical and financial emergencies never faded. 

Ethelyn lost her battle with leukemia but she left us with a legacy of love and with her dream intact. In honor of this legacy and in memory of her beautiful life, the purpose of the Ethelyn B. Hays Endowment Fund is to help families pay for cancer treatment. The number of grants awarded annually is increasing and patients from across four states have received financial assistance. 

The mission of the Fund is to give hope and encouragement to cancer patients and their families. Patients and their families who receive assistance from the Fund experience improved health care delivery and support in various ways, including:

  • Medications for patients without insurance and no financial resources
  • Extremely high co-pays for specialty pharmacy medications
  • Nutritional supplements for low-income patients
  • Tracheotomy supplies for unfunded patients
  • Ostomy supplies for unfunded patients
  • Wound care supplies for unfunded patients
  • Suction machine and other DME rentals for unfunded patients
  • Transportation needs for patients to receive treatment

MCI patients are encouraged to contact the MCI Social Worker to determine whether they qualify for assistance. 

You can continue Ethelyn's vision of Hope and help others see a brighter future by making an online donation to the Ethelyn B. Hays Endowment Fund. Be sure to specify this fund in the comment field.

Ethelyn's memory lives on today! Read more about her impact on other people's lives. 

Sam Cochran shares his story about Ethelyn Hays from USA Health System

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