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Emergency Medicine is a very competitive residency. A range of six to ten applicants per residency slot have competed since 1983 (Emergency Medicine As A Career Choice, Ray, Lotsch, found below). The following is a collection of resources to help you in your pursuit of an EM residency position. If you have any questions or suggestions for additions to this page, please let us know.

The EMIG is interested providing you resources to help you in your pursuit of an Emergency Medicine residency position. From time to time we will add online resources which will be available from this page. If you are interested in something not represented here let us know and we'll try to find it.

General Resources

  • Free ER Book
  • Emergency Medicine Listserver

    Simply send an email message to listserv@itssrv1.ucsf.edu with nothing in the subject and "Subscribe Emed-l" (without the quotes) in the body of the message. You will be sent a confirmation message with directions on how to reply. From then on expect 5-10 messages a day. Its an interactive group that answers questions and discusses issues of interest to Emergency Medicine Physicians.

How to Get Into an Emergency Medicine Residency

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