University of South Alabama

Department of Emergency Medicine

The University of South Alabama Department of Emergency Medicine emphasizes excellence in clinical emergency medicine, education of the housestaff and medical students, and the academic development of Faculty.

Our Faculty has trained in many clinical disciplines and bring broad-based capabilities to the Department.  Their efforts provide outstanding clinical care and research efforts in all phases of medicine.  The clinical care aspects range from internal medicine, surgery, orthopaedics, and trauma care.  The clinical practice is in the University of South Alabama Medical Center, which is an academic center incorporating the Level I Trauma Center, Arnold Luterman Regional Burn Center, and USA Heart Center.

The Department of Emergency Medicine provides educational rotations for PGY-1 residents in various fields.  The program is highly sought by the medical students for acting internships and clinical rotations.  The primary goal is to develop and implement comprehensive educational programs utilizing bedside clinical teaching and advanced educational technology.  Acquiring a full residency program in Emergency Medicine remains a high priority.  We welcome Faculty, Residents, and students seeking to become experienced emergency medicine physicians.

If you are interested in any of our programs, we invite you to visit at anytime.  Please contact our administrative office at (251) 470-1649.


Founding Chair's Message

Serving as the Chair of the Department of Emergency Medicine at the University of South Alabama College of Medicine has proven to be an exciting and rewarding time to be in the clinical practice of emergency medicine.  The Department and Faculty are committed to developing and implementing the comprehensive educational programs.  Particular emphasis is placed on bedside clinical teaching.  The residents and medical students selecting our Department work side by side with Attending Faculty caring for a wide range of clinical problems.  It is an exceptional opportunity to work with the individual Attending Physicians on a one to one basis encompassing the complete spectrum of clinical medicine.

The Department of Emergency Medicine and our Faculty have been successful in placing our residents and students in Emergency Medicine Residency Programs throughout the country.  Their success speaks to the educational programs of the Department.  We take great pride in watching the development of residents and medical students as they improve their clinical skills and academic knowledge.  I look forward to your contact with us as you explore opportunities in Emergency Medicine.

Frank S. Pettyjohn, M.D.
Department of Emergency Medicine



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